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  • Academic Advisors are available from 8am - 5pm to assist student-athletes in all their academic needs, including:

    • Providing advisement and registration help for classes
    • Assisting in choosing appropriate majors
    • Clarifying career and educational goals
    • Monitoring academic progress and graduation plans
    • Helping acquire tutors, mentors, and academic resources
    • Monitoring academic eligibility for NCAA, WCC, and BYU compliance

    Advisors are assigned to work with student-athletes by teams as follows:

    Sandy Thomas – Football, Men and Women’s Basketball
    You can contact Sandy Thomas at or (801) 422-4841
    Office: 370 SAB

    Jim Hamblin – Men and Women’s Golf
    You can contact Jim Hamblin at or (801) 422-2027
    Office: 384 SAB

    Brandon Bradley – Men and Women’s Tennis
    You can contact Brandon Bradley at or (801) 422-1574
    Office: 353B SAB

    Nancy Hatch – Men and Women’s Track, Swim and Dive
    You can contact Nancy Hatch at or (801) 422-4575
    Office: 380 SAB

    Jessica Mullen – Men and Women’s Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Gymnastics
    You can contact her at or (801) 422-4837
    Office: 346 SAB
  • The Learning Specialists work one-on-one with student-athletes who need extra academic support. They meet individually with students several times a week in order to monitor progress and development in organizational skills, study habits, communication with instructors, study hall hours, learning strategies, etc. Learning Specialists are directly involved with setting up content specific tutorials for specific student-athletes and closely monitor the student’s grades and assignment work. They work closely with advisors and regularly communicate with faculty and coaches regarding the academic habits of specific student-athletes. Learning Specialists also monitor academic work of any student-athlete on an active roster but may not necessarily meet individually with all of them.

    Nycole Larsen
    You can contact Nycole at or (801) 422-9750
    Office: 346 SAB

    Jessica Mullen
    You can contact Jessica at or (801) 422-4837
    Office: 208 MCA

    Gaugau Tavana
    You can contact Tavana at or (801) 422-1635
    Office: 352C SAB
  • Student mentors are student employees who work with student-athletes for academic purposes. They meet one-on-one at least once a week and focus on 1) personal organization, planning, and time management; 2) study skills and learning strategies specific to the courses the student-athlete has at that time; 3) directing student-athletes to the various resources within the Center and on the main campus.

    All freshman student athletes at BYU are assigned a mentor. The mentor will contact the student-athlete via text within the first week of the semester or term. They will set up a weekly meeting convenient to both schedules. Mentors write weekly grade reports which are reviewed by Nycole Larsen who also serves as the mentor staff supervisor.
  • Whitney Johnson
    313 SAB

    Oversee the strategic vision and program implementation for diversity and inclusion within BYU Athletics, including for minority student-athletes in the core areas of race/ethnicity, international, LGBTQ+ & SSA, and student-athletes of other faiths.
  • The University Accessibility Center (UAC) offers a variety of services for students with disabilities. Services include academic accommodations, ADHD evaluation, assistive technology, ASL interpreters, alternative textbooks, accessibility lab, and temporary medical conditions. Full learning disability testing is available to student-athletes with fees covered by the athletic department.

    Nycole Larsen, Sr. Learning Specialist, serves as liaison between the athletic department and the UAC. If you think you qualify for services and/or accommodations, or you have documentation of prior testing, contact Nycole at or go by her office – 346 SAB.

    If a student-athlete has an ADHD diagnosis and takes stimulant medication, the student MUST have an assessment done with the UAC. The assessment results will be kept on file with the sport trainers, verifying the need for a stimulant medication. Not doing so will run the risk of being declared ineligible if the student-athlete is drug tested and tests positive for any banned substance without having the assessment results on file.
  • Fueling Station
    Fueling Station hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00am - 2:00pm. Closed on the weekends and for all campus holidays and breaks.
    Location: 109 C SAB

    Athletes are required to wear a mask and show the green light on the healthy together app before they will be given food. They will need to order their food on the iPads outside of the fueling station or on their phones before picking up their food by going to

    For more information, contact Rachel Higginson at or (801) 422-8649

    Fuel Cards
    Pick up your fuel card from Mindy Horne in 331 SAB
    $9.00 Per Day - 1 Swipe Per Day - No Carry Over

    Will work here:

    • Legends Grille
    • Jamba Juice
    • Cannon Commons
    • Cougar Eat
    • Blue Line Cafe
    • MoA Cafe
    • Creameries (on 9th - Grill Only)

    Won't work here:

    • The Skyroom
    • The Wall
    • Pendulum CT
    • BYU Store
    • Vending
    • Printers
    • Washers/Dryers
    • Grocery (Creamery on 9th, etc.)

    Please contact Mindy Horne at or (801) 422-2097 with questions.
  • Incoming freshmen, transfer students, and any student-athlete on academic warning or probation are required to attend 8 hours of study hall per week. The amount of hours may increase based on lack of academic progress during the semester. Those athletes receiving a 2.5 GPA or above are exempt from further required study hall. Others will continue with 4-8 hours per week. Individual coaches may adjust the requirements as needed. Study hall reports are sent to coaches each week reporting study hall attendance and the number of hours attended.

    To receive study hall credit, a student-athlete must swipe their BYU ID upon arrival in Student Athlete Life and Learning Center and swipe again when exiting. A student-athlete may receive study hall credit for spending time in the computer lab, meeting with tutors or mentors, attending a TA/tutor session, or attending an organized study session. To receive study hall credit for attending a TA/tutor session on campus, a student-athlete must obtain a TA session form from the front secretary and have it signed by the TA/tutor verifying attendance.

    No study hall credit is given for studying beyond 3 hours. If an athlete would like to stay longer than 3 hours, he or she will need to swipe out and swipe back in. Study hall credit will not be given during devotional; student-athletes will be signed out at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesdays and will need to swipe their ID again if staying after 12 p.m. A student-athlete must swipe in upon entering and swipe out when exiting for study hall credit to be given.
  • There are no “excused absences” at BYU. When you travel with your athletic team, communication with your professors is critical. The SALLC will provide a letter to the professor listing your travel dates for your sport related absences; however, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with your professor when you are going to be missing class, complete missed assignments and make arrangements for missed exams. This letter can be accessed from an icon next to your name on a professor’s class role in learning suite and can be viewed at any time.